Car Insurance Quandary For Ronaldo

Top Premiership footballer Ronaldo may find that he struggles to find an insurer willing to ensure him after his spectacular crash last week from which he amazingly emerged unscathed.

The football star, who signed a 12.24 million deal with Manchester United in 203, aged just 18, is also a prominent member of the Portuguese national football team and is known throughout the world.

The 23 year old had bought himself a brand new Ferrari, the first that he had owned, two days prior to the crash, which occurred in a tunnel near manchester while he as on his way to training.

Ronaldo lost control of the 205mph red Ferrari 599 GTB in the tunnel near Manchester airport early on the 9th January, hitting one wall before careering across the carriageway and hitting the other.

And, according to his team mate, he had not even had a chance to drive it before the accident happened, meaning that he wrote off his 200,000 car the very first time he drove it.

Ronaldos team-mate at Manchester United, Fbio, revealed how the Portuguese star had spoken about how he was going to take it for a spin, and then crashed it.

“Cristiano had mentioned to people that he was going to take the car out of the garage, as he had bought it a few days ago, but had not driven it,” he declared.

“That is when the accident happened. Everything is alright, but we were scared.”

Although the car was a complete write off, Ronaldo escaped the accident with no injuries at all and was even able to attend training the following day.

His mother spoke of her worry when she heard of the accident saying: “Only at night did I see what had happened, I was thinking about Cristiano. We spoke, and he said that everything was alright. I was still scared though.”

Despite his relief at emerging from the accident without a scratch on his body, Ronaldo could be facing a new headache as insurers line up to say that they would not touch him with a bargepole.

A spokesman for the AA revealed that premiership footballers and other rich and famous people face a headache with insurance anyway due to the added risk that their status adds for insurers.

Imagine if there were three Premiership footballers in one car and they received injuries that meant they couldn’t play again. We would be paying out for loss of earnings, paying sponsors for failure to fulfill contracts,” he explained.

Add the wreckage of a 200,000 car due to careless driving to your record and finding insurance would be near on impossible reckons the AA spokesman.

Having spoken to a number of their clients, the spokesman revealed that: We cannot find anybody who would touch him with a bargepole. The minimum age to get insured for that car would be 25 (Ronaldo is 23) and then the best price we could find would be 44,000 but if the person had had an accident that would go up to around 100,000.”

Churchill added that The combination of his occupation, age and the car he was driving does make him a high risk. It seems that sometimes football players can be much more experienced at controlling a football on the pitch than a powerful car on the road.

However, specialist motor insurer Adrian Flux were more optimisitc, saying anything is possible before adding that It just depends how much money he is prepared to pay.