What Is Paleo Diet?

As people live in today’s world where fast is craved and society’s approval is obsessively aspired, people have gone into hype to have that perfect and healthy body that they desired. They search online, read books, and magazines, or even consult a trustworthy friend to give them the advice of which among the thousand is the most effective diet of all. All fad diets include particular amount and nature of foods and offer certain health benefits that make them distinct from one another.

Now, let’s focus on the diet patterned from the principle of our long gone ancestors- the Paleo Diet. First, let’s go back to history and have a short glance of how it all started 2.5 million years ago. During the Paleolithic era, our ancestor’s diet were primarily composed of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, seafoods, meat, and roots. Humans, who hunted and gathered foods, were considered as carnivores who chiefly consume fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in their diet.

In relation to our ancestor’s way of maintaining health through eating, Paleo diet is therefore composed of meats, fruits, vegetables, fish, shellfish, nuts, roots, and berries. On the other hand, the foods that do not belong to the group are processed foods, sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, and beans. Not all oils are allowed within the sphere of Paleo diet. These oils are derived from nuts and fruits such as palm, olive, almond, pecan, hazelnut, macadamia, avocado, walnut and coconut.

It is very important to take note that processed foods are a big no no in your diet. Thus, from now on, if you decided to follow Paleo diet instead, then any processed foods should be eliminated from your plate.

In terms of making your food palatable, you can use herbs and spices rather than salt. Remove salt from your reach. As much as possible, you can use sea salt as a natural substitue instead. Our ancestors never had salt back then, so being an obedient follower of what they have started, you should therefore too. This also applies to sugary foods.

The only authentic drink for you to relinquish your thirst is water. Drink spring or filtered water when you are only thirsty. Do not consume water too often than before. This samely goes when eating. You can only eat when you felt that your tummy is rumbling for food. There is no scheduled meal times or mindless snack bites in Paleo diet. There is only discipline here that you should strictly adhere in order to achieve your goal of having that perfectly fit healthy body.
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