Top 4 Most Ridiculous Myths about Weight Loss

Lately I have been hearing some of the most ridiculous myths about weight loss. In fact, I could even say I felt insulted hearing them because they are nothing than just blatant lies meant to confuse people who are currently on track of losing weight! This is why I decided to compile a list of 4 most popular myths about weight loss and diet.

Top 4 Most Ridiculous Myths about Weight Loss

If You Eat After 8 P.m. You Will Gain Weight

This particular myth I heard for a couple of times from people completely not relevant to each other. It really does not matter at what time you eat. What important is what you eat and how many hours of exercise are you committed to on a regular basis!

If You Really Want To Lose Weight, Becoming A Vegetarian Is Your Only Choice

Although people who stick to vegetarian eating habits consume less fat and less calories during their meal time, but people should not think that “vegetarian” is a synonym for “healthy”. Even though it is uncommon, but I’ve known some overweight people who were vegetarian and they struggled with that only because they ate a lot of foods that contained high amounts of fats and calories.

Doing Tough Exercises On A Regular Basis Can Alone Help You To Lose Weight

Regular exercising is essential if you want to lose weight, but a lot of people believe that if they exercise harder they will lose more weight. On the contrary, according to a recent study made by the Oxford University students, doing same amount of exercise and splitting it in multiple intervals will actually benefit you more than a single hard exercise session. But it’s almost impossible to lose weight by dong exercises alone. Healthy eating habits are essential too!

You Can Eat As Many Fat Free Products As You Wish And You Will Not Gain Weight

This myth is absurd! Just because a product contains low fat or is absolutely fat free, it does not mean it is calorie free. As an experiment, next time you will go to the grocery store, read the ingredients on some of the diary fat free products. The thing is, when a product is fat-free, this usually is complimented by adding high amounts of sugar and carbs in order to keep the taste!

Hopefully by busting these myths, a lot of people who want to lose weight will not be discouraged or confused by some of these things. Remember, anything is possible and losing weight may not seem that hard once you get a hang of it and focus on your goals!

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