The Ketogenic Diet: What it is and how it works

Once considered a diet that was strictly for epileptic children, the Ketogenic diet has recently taken the forefront of options for people trying to lose weight while reducing their sugar intake. Only in recent years has scientific evidence actually shown that there is a benefit to the Ketogenic diet outside of helping to treat children with epilepsy.

The basic idea behind the Ketogenic diet is that you starve your body of carbohydrates. When carbohydrates are consumed, they are turned into sugar, which your body essentially turns into stored energy, or fat.

By removing carbohydrates entirely from your diet, you force your body to burn off the stored energy that you’ve already got waiting around inside your body, which results in weight loss. Since you’re pulling carbohydrates out of your body, you’ve got to replace them with other nutrients, so this no carb diet requires you to support your body’s repair with calories as well as protein.

If you lead an active lifestyle, the bear in mind that you’ll need even more nutrients like protein to provide your body with enough energy to keep going. When you work out, your body burns off carbohydrates and other stored energy at a faster level.

Without this stored energy, your body may not be able to handle intense workouts, so make sure to keep eating excessive amounts of protein to keep up your active lifestyle while still being able to burn off fat.

The Ketogenic Diet: What it is and how it works

To truly get the right effect of the Ketogenic diet, you’ll need to remove the starches from your diet. Fruits, vegetables, grains, and sugar will need to be eliminated altogether, while you’ll need more cream and butter added to your daily regimen. The idea is that you’re still pulling in fat for energy while burning off the fat that truly adds quite a few pounds to your weight.

The Ketogenic diet may make you feel weak, so you should only remain on the diet for a few months at a time. You’ll begin to notice weight loss within a few weeks, and as you continue to burn up your stored energy, the weight loss will become increasingly faster.

Make sure to maintain an active lifestyle, or the fat that you consume could turn into even more fat, which would only result in weight gain. Walking a couple of miles a day can usually keep the storing of fat at bay with the burning of already stored energy at a max.
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