The Best College Majors for Health Nuts

If you’re someone with a passion for helping people, there are a number of great majors you can choose in college. But only a few take that extra step, going above and beyond common expectations of healthcare professionals to create a rewarding, invigorating, and fulfilling career in medicine. If you’re conflicted about which major is best for you, here are a few of the most exciting healthcare majors to choose from.

The Best College Majors for Health Nuts

Dental Hygiene

If you’re looking to major in public health, a great option to consider is dental hygiene. Though it may seem specific to dentistry, this major is actually intended for students who want to go into education or research related to oral health. Other potential careers include dental assistant, bacteriologist, hospital administrator, and lab assistant. For students who are passionate about learning and research, this is the perfect major.

Health Sciences

As a major, health science spans an incredibly wide range of different healthcare professions and practices, from dentistry to nursing to nutrition. Studying health sciences allows students to research the methods and technology by which we learn about illness and health, and how those methods are always changing. This major has become so popular that most schools will offer some version of it, from Maryville University to Hofstra University to many other of the top schools in the country. The more we learn about our relationship and approach to health, the better equipped we’ll be to fight illness in the future. Many schools recognize this and create programs with the success of health science majors solely in mind.

Healthcare Administration

If organization, communication, and leadership are your passions, healthcare administration is an excellent choice of major. You’ll learn the ins and outs of healthcare, including what really makes a hospital run. From human resources to inpatient management to record keeping, healthcare administration covers all the elements of a well-functioning, smooth-running hospital, using teamwork and communication as its guiding lights.


As far as careers go, nursing is not only a safe bet. It’s a guaranteed career investment. The demand for qualified nurses just keeps getting higher, and the range of possibilities for a career in nursing only keep growing. If helping people is high on your list of priorities, you can turn your degree into a career as a nurse practitioner. If you’re more excited by management possibilities, you can become a nurse manager. A registered nurse is able to perform many different functions, and a nurse administrator is there to make sure everything is running smoothly. The career options are endless and in high demand.

Occupational Therapy

As a newer practice, occupational therapy offers a fascinating insight into rehabilitation and recovery. An occupational therapy major will learn the skills to help people gain back basic life skills they’ve lost, and help them make a re-entry into society. The job of an occupational therapist is powerful, and its responsibilities are not to be taken lightly. But if you’re serious about helping people, there’s no greater reward than a career as an occupational therapist.
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