Simple and Effective Exercises to Do At the Beach

Regardless of whatever you’re doing right now (in addition to obviously reading this article), I want you to stop and sit for a moment.

Everything else can wait…especially the thousands of thoughts dominating your over-active subconscious. You’re sitting on your huge beach towel, looking out at the gorgeous blue-green water without a care in the world. Life is peaceful and at this moment…everything is exactly as it should be. Breathe.

Simple and Effective Exercises to Do At the Beach

Let the BS go and I’ll see you back here in a few minutes.

Being at the beach is therapeutic

Pretty cool huh? Do you ever allow yourself to do this? Just shut the world out and let go of the tension and anxiety involved with everyday life?

Probably not and I’m guessing that by now, you may be wondering (from the title of this article) exactly how I’m going to tie fitness in to the tone created in the first few paragraphs.

You see, I personally find being at the beach to be therapeutic because it allows me to quiet my mind and connect with nature. I become inspired and the ideas for articles and projects tend to flow. In addition, the environment allows me to disconnect from “reality” for a while and create a space where I feel free and energized.

Stay with me here.

…your body follows your mind…

Another useful activity that has brought out my creative side is, of course, exercise.

Being that I am a lover of logic in addition to spirituality, it only makes sense to me to combine two of my favorite things together to produce a merging, if you will, of a healthy mind to a healthy body. I for one believe that the body follows the mind, so why not build a little strength and stability while quieting the incessant chatter of our thoughts?

I am going to share a couple of my favorite beach exercises with you. I have found that engaging in these activities gives me the best of both worlds…inner-peace combined with shapely calves. HA!

Beach Walking

Now, I do love sitting on the beach, but often enough I have found that walking on the beach produces a lot of the same mental and emotional benefits as sitting except that now there is some helpful physical activity going on as well.

Walking on sand is far different than walking on solid ground. There is a level of instability there, so while you’re looking out at the ocean and all of its beauty, you’re also getting a pretty good workout. When we walk on unstable surfaces, we use muscles that we typically don’t give any thought to otherwise. Our ankles experience immense benefits from beach walking and this is useful since so many of us wear sneakers that promote ankle stability. Benefits arise from strengthening weak areas in safe and structured ways, so if you’re looking to get some peaceful “me time” in while doing your body good, consider beach walking.

Boat Pose (Core Exercise)

So now that you’ve taken a nice walk along the shore, why not add a little something else in to enhance your workout benefits? Seated exercises work beautifully to help strengthen the core in many ways. The exercise demonstrated below teaches you how to do a boat pose, which is an isometric core exercise. This means that you’ll be working your muscles by holding a pose for a period of time. You will experience benefits in your abdominals, hip flexors and back.

The reason I like this video is because the trainer demonstrates options for beginners and shows how to properly progress to something more challenging. As always, listen to your body and work out like a beginner if in fact you ARE a beginner.

So now that you’ve taken the time to quiet your mind and strengthen your body, your ability to respond to life should feel more “on purpose”. This is what happens when we take the time to quiet our minds and intentionally incorporate well-being into our existence.

The next time you’re at the beach, give my suggestions a whirl. And then you and your toned self can tell the rest of us about any epiphanies you had along the way :)
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