Reinvent Your Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

One of the most important parts of managing blood glucose for type 2 diabetes is to exercise a balanced diet and nutrition. While diabetes can be managed using insulin injections and other medications, the best way to control this disease is naturally. This is especially important when you consider that many medications have side effects over the long term.

Actos, for example, is a type 2 diabetes medication that can increase a patient’s risk of developing bladder cancer over time. In order to avoid serious complications, people with type 2 diabetes should strive to control their blood glucose levels as naturally as possible through good diet, exercise and other diabetes health practices.

Reinvent Your Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

Reinventing the diet for type 2 diabetes is an essential alternative to Actos and other medications because someone with diabetes needs to consider a number of specific elements in their lifestyle.

All carbohydrates are not created equally

The first step in reinventing the diet is to understand how different carbohydrates stack up against one another in order to determine which are worth eating and which are better off avoided. Some carbohydrates will raise blood sugar more slowly than others, and these are the ones that are better suited for a diabetes nutrition plan.

It is essential to work with a nutritionist

It is essential to work with a nutritionist for good diabetes health management. A nutritionist will be able to suggest a meal plan that is balanced in all of the right ways, providing all of the necessary nutrients for good health. Such a diet plan should incorporate a balance of calories and fats, proteins and carbohydrates and fibers. Remember that not all nutrients are created equally. Foods that contain carbohydrates but are high in fiber are better than low-fiber foods, for example, and foods that are high in unsaturated fats are better than foods containing saturated fats.

Create a meal plan that is flexible

Rather than specifying something like “4 ounces of lean chicken,” call for 4 ounces of lean meat so that it is possible to swap out different options. Try to stick to a general meal plan such as the Diabetes Exchange plan or the Plate plan based on the food pyramid in order to make sure that all of the necessary nutrients are being included in a balanced way.

Track everything

Keeping a nutrition log is essential, because it allows someone with diabetes to see how the meals they eat are affecting blood sugar not only from day to day, but also on a long-term basis. This is absolutely essential for good diabetes health management because it will allow the patient and his or her nutritionist to make changes to the nutrition guidelines over time based on how well they are working.

While you may need to take medication to control your diabetes right now, the right nutrition plan can reduce your dependence on medication in the future. That’s great news for people taking Actos, which has been linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer. In fact, the FDA has issued a black box label warning on the medication for these severe conditions, which have led many users to file an Actos lawsuit against the drug manufacturer. Actos patients may want to talk to their doctor about switching medications.

With a few basic steps, it is entirely possible to reinvent the nutrition plan with diabetes health management in mind. Good nutrition is absolutely essential to both short-term and long-term management of blood glucose levels, meaning that a patient with diabetes must be willing to take nutrition seriously in order to get control over diabetes.
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