Forgive Me Glenn, For I Have Sinned…on My Luxury Vacation

I am publishing this post while sitting in the veranda of our new summer home in Greece. Just arrived yesterday. These last couple of days weren’t that easy. Had to buy furniture for a big empty house, had to set up internet and phone connection, had to still manage a few websites/blogs – on 100.4F (with no air con yet) – just to mention a few things that could cause major stress on their own. Due to over activity and dehydration the last thing that was in my mind was my low carb, low fat, portioned control diet that I have kept with religious fervor in the past two years. Have I put weight on? I think so. Meanwhile, back in “wet+cold” Ireland my personal trainer Glenn Wilkinson is on a 6-day, 300Km, Big Push challenge, set to break a Guinness record, raising money for a charity. Have I ignored what I pay my PT to preach to me? I think so. So forgive me Glenn for I have sinned.

They only way I can start fixing this right now is to educate myself with the eating do’s and do not’s while on vocation, prepared by Chris Oldenburg.

Can you count below how many of the points I got right and how many I failed?

How to Manage Your Weight on a Luxury Vacation

By Chris Oldenburg

A luxury vacation doesn’t have to mean that you arrive back home regretting the extra pounds that somehow found their way to your hips and waist. You can avoid that awful feeling by setting yourself up for success before you even head to the airport, and then follow through with small healthy choices that will add up to big benefits while on vacation.

How to avoid packing on the extra pounds

Whether you are taking a romantic cruise or making your way across the European countryside, you can avoid putting weight on.

  1.  Be conscious of calorie-heavy drinks. Flavored coffees, rich cocktails, and soda can all derail your diet and won’t curb your appetite very much. (failed that today)
  2. Make sure you keep well-hydrated with water and calorie-free options. (definitely failed this one)
  3. Allow yourself to try local and fine delicacies, but do so in moderation. (moderation…? Yes, failed that too)
  4. Request healthy substitutes, such as whole wheat for white and reduced or calorie free options. (…failed it)
  5. Make it a goal to include fruits and vegetables every day. (there is plenty of fresh fruit here… but I did not buy any)
  6. If you order a salad, request the dressing on the side and use it for dipping instead of drenching. (hey, I got this one right!)
  7. Skip plain and ordinary foods that you can eat at home and that typically add heavy carbs, such as breads and potatoes, or burgers and fries. (ok, I had bread and fries for lunch and dinner)
  8. Take advantage of talented chefs and try new foods and delicacies. Order smaller portions or appetizers instead of meals, which are often large enough to satisfy your appetite without ruining your diet plans.
  9. If you are on a cruise or at an all-inclusive resort, don’t fall into the trap of eating around the clock just because the food is served at all hours. Try to keep a regular eating schedule, and if you feel the need to snack, reach for fruits and veggies that will satisfy your hunger. (failed miserably)
  10. Don’t give up the exercise. When my husband and I vacation we enjoy eating out at restaurants, but we also make sure that our days have physical activity included – golfing, hiking, and tennis are just some of the ways we can stay active and still enjoy a formal meal at the end of the day. (I failed that, unless you call carrying furniture up the steps a form of exercise)
  11. Share dessert. Vacation is the dessert in our lives. It is a time when we get to enjoy a little something extra. And just like a vacation, dessert can be best when shared. (I actually managed that)

Healthy Eating on a Luxury Vacation Begins at Home

Make a conscious decision not to abandon your healthy eating and exercise goals while on vacation, and take a few steps to ensure that your vacation will be healthy for your mind, body, and spirit.

  •  If you require a gluten-free or diabetic diet plan, contact the hotel, cruise line, or area chefs ahead of time to determine a healthy eating plan.
  • Pack your exercise clothes and shoes with excitement that you will train on vacation and stay healthy, instead of resentment that you have to exercise. If you go into your vacation looking forward to staying healthy and avoiding weight gain you will have a higher rate of success.
  • Don’t forget to pack your vitamins and weight loss or management tools. My husband takes protein bars with him to satisfy his hunger and supplement his meals, and I always have a water bottle and vitamin supplements.

Over to you

Well, do you think that you have kept Chris points? Which one did you fail? And please do read more about Glenn’s charity Big Push
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